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Robert Primes (ASC)

(Director of Photography)


Robert Primes, ASC has been a Hollywood-based Director of Photography since 1975. In 2008 he was awarded the President’s lifetime achievement award from the Society of Camera Operators. His feature credits include Baadasssss! with Mario van Peebles, Bird on a Wire with Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn, The Hard Way with James Woods and Michael J. Fox, Money Talks with Charlie Sheen and Chris Tucker, A Murder of Crows with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Aspen Extreme. Episodic television work includes Nightstalker, MDs, (ASC cinematography award), Felicity (Emmy for cinematography and ASC award nomination), Young Americans, Quantum Leap and Thirtysomething. Pilots include Sleeper Cell (Emmy nomination for cinematography), 1/4 Life, Georgetown (w/ Helen Mirren), Reasonable Doubts (ASC award nomination), Malibu Shores, The Pastor’s Wife, Golden Gate, All Together Now, and Get Smart. His television movies include My Antonia (Emmy for cinematography and Cable Ace nomination), Harrison: Cry of the City (Emmy nomination for cinematography), Sandy Bottom Orchestra and Sealed with a Kiss. 

Dan Kneece

(Camera Operator) 


Dan started filming motion pictures at age 13 when his mother bought him a Super 8 camera. In 1979, while finishing his Master's in Media Arts at the University of South Carolina, Dan began his professional career shooting news at WIS-TV in Columbia, South Carolina. Soon thereafter he was taught Steadicam by inventor Garrett Brown which lead to a 28 year career as a Steadicam Operator and an ongoing professional relationship with Director David Lynch on films such as Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart and Mulholland Drive. Dan's skills evolved into expertise as an "A" Camera Operator on major film, television, commercial and music video productions such as Jackie Brown and Phone Booth. He worked with the best in the business and learned from them all. Dan now uses his knowledge, extensive film making experience and incredible eye to excel in his work as Director of Photography.

Chip Farnham



Chip Farnham is an award-winning editor based in Los Angeles. He started his film career over 25 years ago in New York City, joining the marketing department of Miramax Films. During his time there, he created over 70 trailers, hundreds of TV spots and countless industry promos for one of the world's most creative and dynamic motion picture companies. After Miramax, he created his own film marketing company in Brooklyn, NY. He now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two boys.


Jen Martín

(Costume Designer) 


Jen Martín was born and raised in Southeast Los Angeles. At the age of 12, while watching the technicolor classic Auntie Mame (1958), Jen realized her love of costume and the stories clothes are capable of telling on screen. Throughout her life, curiosity has lead to immersion in music subcultures, art, Almodovar films, and traveled to Europe, Asia, and extensively throughout Latin America. All of these experiences have fed Jen’s creativity and helped cultivate her unique worldview and eclectic style.

While studying sewing and garment construction in college, Jen successfully began her own online vintage clothing shop. She has shared her ability to date any garment at a glance by costuming for period films including Carol, Dunkirk, Vice and Green Book. Some of Jen’s contemporary design projects include those for Netflix, HBO, BET, Dazed Digital and Nowness, with several going on to showcase at Cannes and Sundance Film Festival.

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